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10 Ways to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

self-esteemWhy do we sometimes feel inferior to others?  The answer has something to do with our self-limiting beliefs. Self-limiting beliefs restrict our capabilities and show us an inferior image of our self which we are sometimes conscious of and sometimes not. These false beliefs become barriers in our progress and development. In reality, we can actually do a lot of things through sheer determination and strong will power. However, these limiting thoughts in our mind affect our perception of the world outside.

Let’s look at a few ways to overcome these self-limiting beliefs:

  1. Plant seeds of positive thinking in your minds and heart.
  2. Interpret your emotions correctly.
  3. Believe that you can do it better than anyone.
  4. Cultivate the habit of revving up yourself.
  5. Cleanse your mind daily by meditating.
  6. Make connections with positive people to keep your thoughts healthy.
  7. Make an attempt to do things that were never attempted.
  8. Try to use the potential within you.
  9. Have belief in your abilities and believe in your self-worth.
  10. Change your negative outlook.

Eliminating and filtering out thoughts that hold one back and become the reason for failure are crucial. Pay attention to the thought patterns so that you can know how to alter them.  Become aware of negative and self-defeating habits that you may have by asking your friends and family how they see you.

Give enough space to yourself to differentiate between positive and negative things. Sometimes, our actionspositive-enjoy are neither positive nor negative and we may be in two minds about whether to change them or not.  Some habits are conscious and some are not. One needs some degree of self-awareness to know what to change and what to retain.

Whether it is at the workplace or in your personal life, takes proactive steps. Don’t give in to failure or fear of failure.  After bringing about positive change in your life, avoid falling back into self-limiting habits.  We have a choice to choose what we want to see and do, and the power to control our minds to some extent, as human beings.  One can overcome self-limiting beliefs in time, if this power is exercised in the right way.

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